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Liquid Resin Reinforcement Carbon Fiber

Liquid Resin Reinforcement Carbon Fiber

Liquid Resin Reinforcement Carbon Fiber/6mm Carbon Fiber Staple 6mm T700 Carbon Fiber Chopped Strands was cut from high ;
Basic Info.
Model NO. XGT7-706
Volume Resistivity 0.0015
Young′s Modulus 220gpa-265gpa
Resistivity Micron Ohm Meter 14
Tensile Strength 4655MPa-4900MPa
Carbon Content >98%
Fiber Length 6mm
Diameter 7micron
Model Xgt7-706
Density 1.76g/cm3
Transport Package 10kg Carton
Specification ROHS
Trademark XIANGU
Origin Guangdong
HS Code 68159920
Production Capacity 50000kg
Product Description
Liquid Resin Reinforcement Carbon Fiber/6mm Carbon Fiber Staple
6mm T700 Carbon Fiber Chopped Strands was cut from high modulus high strength PAN carbon fiber filament which will treated by pre-oxidation under 200ºC to 300ºC,carbonization in high purity inert gas under 1000ºC to 1500ºC,graphitization under 2500ºC to 3000ºC,finally been finished by sizing.It is chemical stable,weakly conductive,self-lubricating,high temperature resistance,abrasion resistance,acid resistance,high strength and high it is excellent reinforcing filler of composite products.It can be compound with resin,plastic,rubber and other materials to increase products' strength and wear resistance.Widely used in many fields,such as electronic chips,conductive plate,conductive flooring,electrical machinery,anti-static industry,defense industry,building insulation,friction materials and chemical.SPECIFICATIONS:
Carbon content(%):>98
Fiber type:T700
Filament diameter(um):7
Fiber length(mm):6
Tensile strength(MPa):4655-4900
Tensile modulus(GPa):220-265
Volume resistivity(Ωcm):1.5×10-³

APPLICATION FIELDS:1.Reinforced rubber,modified plastics and resin: Polypropylene (PP),nylon (PA),polycarbonate resin (PC),phenol resin (PF),polytetrafluoroethylene resin (PTFE),polyimide resins (PI ),epoxy resin, silicone rubber, polyvinyl alcohol, unsaturated polyester resin;2.Construction industry: carbon fiber reinforced cement, conductive coatings, anti-static floors;3.Shielding materials: Manufacturing shield smoke, shielding curtain wall;4.Insulation materials: carbon fiber reinforced preform and refractory bricks, carbon-fiber reinforced ceramic, etc;5.New energy: used as conductive additives of positive or negative materials in nickel hydride and nickel cadmium battery;6.Anti-static industry: coating, flooring, paint, ink, anti-static filter,7.Aerospace: composite materials for parts of aircraft and satellite.8.Civilian areas: sports equipment, transportation, sanitary equipment, kitchen appliances.STORAGE:The firction material chopped carbon fiber 6mm should be keep dry in their original bags and stored in a suitable place,preferably at room temperature with 35-65% relative humidity.Avoid the sun, rain and fire.PACKAGING:
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